July 15, 2024

List of five countries that are not part of India who accept Indian driving licenses

Riding a bike or driving in a city or country is among the most effective ways to discover the basics of it. It is possible to do this anytime you want. You are free to stop at any time and at any time you want. Driving through a rural or urban area can be a wonderful chance to meet the locals and discover their customs, culture and lifestyle. Here’s a list of countries around the world that accept Indian driving licenses if you plan to go on the road and would like to use a car or motorbike (IDL).

The Following Nation Allow Driving On Licenses With An Indian Driving License:

If you are visiting a different country, you depend on the local public transportation system to get you there. However, riding a bicycle or driving a vehicle through stunning foreign landscapes will surely enhance your travel experience to the country you are visiting. Do you realize that many amazing countries recognize Indian driving licenses, and don’t need an international driver’s license also known as a permit (IDP) in the event of driving? You are able to explore the country without having to worry about a specific driving license if you simply require an Indian driving license as per international drivers association.

Read further to find out the nations in which your Indian driving license is valid.

  1. USA as the starting point

You can apply for an Indian driving license to drive a rental car throughout most US states. You can drive for a year, but you need to make sure that the documents are authentic as well as filled out in English. You should also bring along the I-94 application, which reveals your entry date into United States, along with your driver’s license.

  1. Malaysia.

Your Indian driving license has to be issued in English or Malay for you to drive a car in Malaysian roads. The authorities who issued the licence and the Indian Embassy in Malaysia must scrutinize the documents. To be able to drive through Malaysian roadways, drivers need to possess an international driving license if you do not possess one.

  1. Germany

Your Indian driving license has a validity of six months when you are in Germany. Because Germans are using the left side unlike Indians driving on left side, be aware of the local traffic regulations. The driver’s license you have may need translation into German as well, and it’s an excellent idea to carry an IDP in the event that authorities in your area require it for the driver to be able to travel.

  1. Australia

Like driving in Australia is performed using the left-hand part of the highway. For a period of 3 months, you’re allowed to drive in highways in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Region, and the Northern Region. Be sure that your DL is in English and is not one from the local Indian languages.

  1. United Kingdom

For one year, you’re able to drive on the roads with your Indian driving license within the United Kingdom (UK), which includes England, Wales, and Scotland. Be aware of the fact that UK only allows drivers who have Indian driving licenses to drive vehicles of a certain class.

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